Today it is sharing with us a 2024 Town Hall event focusing on product innovation. Ever wonder about the systems, culture, and leadership principles that produced products that delighted consumers and how Procter & Gamble manages to sustain innovation year-after-year?

The discussion features alums Gordon Brunner and Bill James. In the decade they ran Procter & Gamble R&D five new brands, each with more than 1 billion dollars in sales, were launched and many, many upgrades. They are co-authors of the book: Superior Products. Gordon and Bill are joined by:

  1. John Pepper, retired CEO/Chairman of P&G and retired Chairman of Disney
  2. Meredith Meyer (Event Moderator), VP Veeva Systems and formerly CEO Infinite Potential, VP KnowledgeWorks and Brand Manager P&G


The event was sponsored by Synfiny Advisors and Johnson Investment Counsel.

View one minute appetizer entitled The WOW! Concept  View Full Forum Video