While at P&G, Bob worked on brands like Tide, Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean Auto Dry, and even Fit fruit and vegetable wash. Bob’s authored books and launched several successful newsletters. In his latest Substack newsletter the Workaround (beheartly.substack.com), Bob shares real-life stories of his business ups and downs. Bob’s latest piece is titled “In Person is a 10x” about the magic that comes when we get together—because you can’t
co-create something special without being in the same room.

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Up Studios, the creative force behind much-loved Chinese shows like Piggy, Tomo, and BOOMi, has received large investments from Chinese tech giant Tencent. When he’s not creating world-class animated stories, Trevor loves playing ice hockey in China and traveling around the world.

You’ll enjoy this candid conversation about creativity, inspiration, and perseverance.

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Among these remarkable individuals stands Ana, a courageous mother and caregiver whose journey into entrepreneurship began with the unwavering support of FOB and the Cultural Center of Batahola Norte (CCBN). Despite facing numerous challenges, Ana’s determination knows no bounds as she balances household chores, caring for her children, and preparing for her business—a true testament to her resilience and commitment to creating a better future for her family.

Ana’s story epitomizes the transformative power of entrepreneurship supported by FOB. With the mission to provide art, cultural, and educational opportunities for the most vulnerable in Managua, FOB is changing lives. The P&G Alumni Foundation is proud to partner alongside sponsoring alum Dave Stickel to empower women like Ana to break the cycle of poverty and unemployment.

The project’s objective is clear: to meet the need for sustainable and stable incomes for women and their families. Through entrepreneurial training, personal development workshops, and an ‘Entrepreneurship Fair,’ Ana and 24 other women will receive the support and mentorship they need to start their own businesses.

But Ana’s journey is just one chapter in FOB’s larger narrative of impact and empowerment. Together, we can create a brighter future where every woman has the opportunity to thrive and succeed. Join us in celebrating Ana, FOB, and the transformative power of women’s entrepreneurship in building stronger, more resilient communities.

Five years ago, Bernice left her corporate career to pursue her dream of becoming an Executive Coach. Today, she is among the top 4% of professional coaches with a Master Certified Coach designation, the highest credential awarded by the International Coach Federation. Bernice also helped co-found the P&G Alumni Network Coaching program, ringing together professionally certified Executive Coaches with proven track records.

You’ll enjoy this candid and very personal conversation about IKIGAI—the Japanese concept that encourages people to discover what truly matters to them—to live a life filled with purpose and joy.

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So she put her “work brain” to work and sketched out a creative brief (one of the key tools of the ad trade) for herself, granting clarity on what was missing and what she really wanted in her life.

Not only did “The Life Brief” save Bonnie’s marriage, recenter her parenting, and catapult her career (she was named Ad Age’s Chief Strategy Officer last year)—it has since gone on to help thousands of others through her speaking at Apple, Bain & Co, Change.org, Google, Goop, Jane Goodall’s “Activating Hope” Summit, SXSW and more. Her new book —  “THE LIFE BRIEF: A Playbook for No-Regrets Living” — creates a clear guide for anyone to break through life’s clutter and create deeper meaning through three simple stages: Get Messy. Get Clear. Get Active. This is a perfect conversation to help so many of us who seem to “have it all” yet feel restless or rudderless. 

This is a past conversation from Raman’s other podcast, Modern Minorities, where each week we share minority conversations for all of our majority years. You’ll enjoy this candid conversation that we hope will provide new perspectives and learnings.