Jim Louwsma – Partners Worldwide Grant Champion
Jim Louwsma leverages his 2+ decades of time in P&G Sales at Partners Worldwide. He is grateful for the opportunity to work with PW as it works to link small-scale, marginalized farmers to viable markets that can lift them and their families out of poverty: “It is one of the few partner organizations in the country equipping these farmers with the skills, resources, and access to local and regional markets—including major regional supermarket chains—for lasting generational emergence out of poverty.”

The $20,000 Alumni Foundation grant to Partners WW has helped people like Grace.  “I am grateful to Partners Worldwide and Africa Works for introducing me to beekeeping, as this has resulted in my orchard fruit trees increasing yield, quality, income, and pollination”.  Grace has been able to use the additional proceeds from the honey to buy food and clothes and pay school fees. 

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Mary, a Social Media Ambassador from the US, expressed how working with an amazing team and reconnecting with fellow P&G Alumni has brought the Foundation’s mission to life for her.

Akihiro, living in Australia, joined as an Ambassador to support the Foundation’s work on children’s education.

Ayman, who lives in Qatar, had a desire to be part of a worthy cause and make a positive difference in the world. Becoming an Ambassador feels like a great fit!

Through the active involvement of Ambassadors, the Foundation has grown significantly in awareness, reach, and partnerships. Dedicated Ambassadors generated above-industry benchmarks for follower growth and engagement on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

As the P&G Alumni Foundation continues to grow, we extend profound GRATITUDE to each Ambassador for their unwavering dedication and commitment. Their collective efforts not only empower dreams but also leave a lasting legacy of positive change across the globe. P&G Alumni Foundation Ambassadors stand together, making a tremendous difference in the lives they touch.