Misha got her Master’s in Journalism at Northwestern University and has taught as an adjunct professor at USC Annenberg and the Transom Radio Workshop. Misha started work in podcasting in 2017, at the dawn of the podcasting era, and has quickly become an important voice for today’s times, speaking on storytelling, identity, and ethical entrepreneurship. In a word, Misha is a podcast.

This insightful and entertaining conversation on identity and belonging comes from P&G Alumni Co-host Rajiv Satyal’s talk show “What Do You Bring To The Table” — where Rajiv spotlights prominent South Asian voices. Rajiv has spoken with Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, Comedian Hasan Minhaj, author Deepak Chopra, influencer Lilly Singh, journalist Manu Raju, TV personality Tan France, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and many more. You can SEE lots more of Rajiv’s video conversations at WatchRajiv.com.


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During Charlotte’s 33-year career at P&G, she rose through the ranks of Brand Management and Corporate Comms and was the trusted counselor to five P&G CEOs. In fact, Charlotte was P&G’s first female corporate officer. Charlotte has received numerous industry accolades—including being named Woman of the Year AND Corporate Woman of the Year by the Cincinnati Enquirer, as well as receiving the Matrix Award for Public Relations, and the prestigious Paladin award. Charlotte’s a proud Purdue Alum, where she received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees—and she even studied at the Culinary Institute of America.

In a great conversation about intention and serendipity, you’ll learn about the power of embracing a path never imagined, and removing our own blinders to be truly intellectually honest and objective about whatever situations we may face.

This episode originally aired in April 2021


As much as they fete the company’s success, what pleasantly surprised me is a refreshing and candid critique of its leadership mistakes and organizational failures. In my opinion, herein lies the greatest value of this book to aspiring leaders as most organizations and leader bios tend to skim the “unpleasant” and paint a glorified picture that is hard to learn and emulate.

I would summarize Ed’s legacy at P&G and his gift to corporate America, as two-fold.

First is the gift of a global mindset, and that being global is more than a large global footprint and brand, but investing in a best-in-class global talent pool that is capable of operating with equal competence in any country and environment, transcending cultural and geographic barriers. Case in point, most of P&G’s top leaders today, including my own former boss (Bala), were not born in America.

Second is the gift of a growth mindset, making an investment in people the number one job of managers. Case in point, P&G, was my first employer and where I first learned how to be a manager of people but was the only company where 50% of my performance rating was determined by my employees’ performance ratings.
Ranu Gupta, PGAN Global Member Engagement Chair and North America Regional Ambassador

Editor’s Note: This is a fascinating book. While the leadership messages in the latter sections are instructive, the “gold” is in the first section, comprising 60% of the book, which provides an inside, behind-the-scenes oral history of decisions made, lessons learned, course corrections, and triumph—available no place else.
Jack McFadden, Co-chair, PGAN Communications

The Ed Artzt book tour, led by John Pepper is currently scheduled for:

  • An Americas panel in April 2023
  • An Asia, EU, and MEA panel in May 2023

Important Message regarding Ed Artzt Book Offer:
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The regrettable news. The amazing response has exhausted the allotted supplies of free books. Those requests that came in after capacity had already been reached will be notified by Ranu Gupta.

However, we suggest an attractive option. The Kindle version of the book from Amazon is readily and quickly available for just $4.99.

Whatever you decide, we hope you will read this deserving book and write a review.

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She rose through the ranks, becoming a serial “first female” including first brand manager and first direct report to then CEO John Smale as head of strategic planning and acquisitions. After leaving P&G to become an almost full-time mom, Peg sought other challenges — consulting for Fortune 500 CEOs, and founding a venture capital fund focused on women-led companies. Peg soon launched Grandin Properties, a real estate development and management company focusing on walkable urban neighborhoods in Cincinnati. Beyond her career, Peg helped found the P&G Alumni Network and the Women’s Capital Club. Peg’s new book is called One Red Shoe: The Story of Corporate America’s First Woman. Alongside her husband Jack, Peg has four children and nine grandchildren. You’ll enjoy this insightful conversation about what it takes to persevere when the odds may be against you and to challenge the status quo, outperform, and break through boundaries.

This episode originally aired in November 2021