The next evening, Alumni joined together with a focus on helping those in need. The event featured special remarks by Paulo Romeiro, President of P&G Alumni Portugal, Hugo Figueiredo, past P&G Alum Portugal President, Deb Kielty, Chair of the P&G Alumni Foundation. Facilitating the evening’s activities from Alum Pedro Pina.

One of the highlights of the event was a discussion by retired P&G Alum Mohan C. Mohan. He’s a key driver in the establishment of the Foundation and a beloved leader in the development of P&G Portugal’s business. Over 120 P&G Portugal Alums raised money for both a local Portugal charity, Coracoes com Coroa, and for the Foundation’s work to support the work of organizations sponsored by P&G alum grant champions throughout the world.

Mohan shared his philosophy of “Love All, Hate None” his belief and inspiration from his new book Reflections at 80. As Alum Samir Hawwa noted in Reflections,” Mohan’s deep sense of being an enormously privileged person leads to his burning commitment to giving back to society and to serving humanity.” Proceeds from the sale of his book will be donated to help fund grants and futures.

With the Fourth of July right around the corner for Americans, we celebrate our independence and freedom but also take an honest reflection on who we are (and want to be) as a nation and as a people. With today’s level of division and discord, the importance of talking and listening to others who might not look and think like us cannot be overstated. There is a better way than simply passively standing by and retreating to our echo chambers. It’s about seeking to understand, which was one of the values many of us were taught during our time at P&G. We hope you’ll enjoy this candid conversation about comedy and curiosity.