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P&G Alumni Foundation

The P&G Alumni Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the P&G Alumni Network. The Foundation aims to improve the quality of life around the globe by providing economic empowerment opportunities for individuals in need to gain greater financial independence and economic well-being for themselves, their families and their communities. Make your tax-deductible contribution to our philanthropic initiatives and grant opportunities.

Women’s Leadership Forum:

The Women’s Leadership Forum is a community of high-impact women from P&G with the drive, resources, and experience to make a positive and meaningful difference. We bond in sisterhood to both GIVE and GAIN through enrichment programs and philanthropy, supporting each other to reach our full potential

Local Chapters

The P&G Alumni Network is powered by people with one defining characteristic – a record of accomplishment at Procter & Gamble! Grow your personal network and stay connected with P&G Alumni in your area by joining – and organizing – local and virtual events.