Today it is sharing with us a 2024 Town Hall event focusing on product innovation. Ever wonder about the systems, culture, and leadership principles that produced products that delighted consumers and how Procter & Gamble manages to sustain innovation year-after-year?

The discussion features alums Gordon Brunner and Bill James. In the decade they ran Procter & Gamble R&D five new brands, each with more than 1 billion dollars in sales, were launched and many, many upgrades. They are co-authors of the book: Superior Products. Gordon and Bill are joined by:

  1. John Pepper, retired CEO/Chairman of P&G and retired Chairman of Disney
  2. Meredith Meyer (Event Moderator), VP Veeva Systems and formerly CEO Infinite Potential, VP KnowledgeWorks and Brand Manager P&G


The event was sponsored by Synfiny Advisors and Johnson Investment Counsel.

View one minute appetizer entitled The WOW! Concept  View Full Forum Video

Secret Stories of Successful Founders – Geneva “EY Entrepreneur of the Year”


Hosted by Luigi Matrone, we will hear the stories of three outstanding entrepreneurs, finalists and winners of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award, their secrets, successes and failures as they built fantastic businesses which we all know, use and experience in our daily lives. 

Guests : 

Sébastien TONDEUR, CEO of MCI Group 

Daniela STEINER, Food Scout, Co-Owner & Board Member of FELFEL 

Fabio RONGA, co-founder and CEO of beqom 

Have you ever attended physical events in Switzerland? Then you have likely experienced the work of MCI Event and the fantastic work of its founder, Sébastien Tondeur, CEO of MCI Group. 

Lunch in the office? No problem! Thanks to Felfel and Daniela Steiner, healthy food has made its way into many offices and likely yours, too.

Compensation management is key in motivating a workforce that is going through transformation. Beqom is at the forefront of digitizing the compensation management workflow. Their CEO Fabio Ronga is an inspirational speaker with a great story to share. This webinar is part of a collaboration between the P&G Alumni Network and EY. 

For more information on EY and the Entrepreneur of the Year program, click here: https://www.newrealityblog.com/eoy/