Stefan is also the Founder of Stefan Homeister Leadership, a consultancy focusing on improving leadership performance and strategy via consulting, training, coaching, and keynotes. Stefan’s held a diverse career as Sales & Marketing Director of SAB Miller Europe and CMO for T-Mobile Germany where he had P&L responsibility for more than $8 billion. Stefan started his career at Procter & Gamble in various sales and marketing roles in Frankfurt, Brussels, and Geneva before becoming the Marketing Director for Healthcare and Pharma DACH. 

In this candid conversation – we’ll explore principles and ideas on leadership, branding, legacy, and what can be learned through the lens of podcasts, conversations, and storytelling. Be sure to check out Leitwolf wherever you get your favorite podcasts. https://stefan-homeister-leadership.com/en/podcast



The Foundation invests in global programming that contributes toward real employment, financial independence, and the economic well-being of those served. The core areas supported are:

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While many pay lip service to the importance of innovation and product superiority – Gordon and many other technical leaders know that words simply won’t cut it. Product superiority must be demanded, rewarded, and celebrated – with org structures and processes built to achieve it, led by senior line and R&D leadership, but importantly starting with the CEO and Board of Directors. In this conversation Gordon shares stories behind the products we love – what worked and didn’t – with lessons that are for more than just R&D’ers, but also rising business executives and students who want to foster an environment of innovation. 

Check out SUPERIOR PRODUCTS as an eBook / Kindle, or wherever your favorite books are sold. And for even more of Gordon Brunner’s learnings from his time as P&G’s CTO, be sure check out our past podcast conversation from September 2021 and November 2022.




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·       McElroy: Procter & Gamble has long been recognized as the preeminent consumer company in the world and it desires to maintain this position. This is specifically not a “Marketer of the Year” award to be focused solely on the marketing function nor on a single time period. Rather, this award is intended to recognize significant contributions to the art and science of satisfying the consumer whether that is the result of a single event or concept or the compilation of a lifetime of achievements.


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Today it is sharing with us a 2024 Town Hall event focusing on product innovation. Ever wonder about the systems, culture, and leadership principles that produced products that delighted consumers and how Procter & Gamble manages to sustain innovation year-after-year?

The discussion features alums Gordon Brunner and Bill James. In the decade they ran Procter & Gamble R&D five new brands, each with more than 1 billion dollars in sales, were launched and many, many upgrades. They are co-authors of the book: Superior Products. Gordon and Bill are joined by:

  1. John Pepper, retired CEO/Chairman of P&G and retired Chairman of Disney
  2. Meredith Meyer (Event Moderator), VP Veeva Systems and formerly CEO Infinite Potential, VP KnowledgeWorks and Brand Manager P&G


The event was sponsored by Synfiny Advisors and Johnson Investment Counsel.

View one minute appetizer entitled The WOW! Concept  View Full Forum Video