Who wants to hear more about the climate crisis, demographic change, skill shortage, wars, and racism? All these negative developments that cause UNCERTAINTY and often lead to fear, inability to act, indecisiveness, and often standstill?

No-one! We all want to hear about ways that lead us through uncertainty! And not only hear about them but see, feel, and experience them!

The Grand Hyatt in Berlin will be the PLACE to be next year for two days—June 13-14, 2025! To get inspired about, to learn, and to co-create FUTURE-PROOF LEADERSHIP!

Why in Berlin?

Because Germany does not want to be known for their “Angst” (fear) anymore, but for its leading thoughts about “Enkeltauglichkeit” (suitability for grandchildren).

Therefore, it is the perfect place for P&G Alumni to gather and discuss ways to navigate the daily uncertainties of business and personal lives with former P&G CEO David Taylor and other renowned leaders.

Want to be part of creating our future? Then book these dates in your calendars:

June 13-14, 2025

The Booking App will soon be available. Stay tuned!