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  • The name of the candidate (Self-nominations are welcome):
  • Who are you/is the candidate and what gets you/them out of bed every day: Name, current professional/ beyond professional activities, current location, languages you speak, expertise areas, and passions.
  • Engagement with P&G and P&G Alumni activities: Years at P&G, function(s), countries worked in while at P&G, engagement to further the PVPs beyond the strict definition of the job role. Current engagement with P&G Alumni such as Global Network, Chapter, Attendance Global Conferences, Engagement with Webinars, Podcasts, Speakers, Sponsors, Catapult, Foundation, etc.
  • Motivation to run for election to the Board of the Global P&G Alumni Network: Which specific contributions do you want to make? How do you want to support the Vision and Mission of the P&G Alumni Network?
    • Vision: We’re a force for inspiration and change – powered by P&Gers past, present, and future. In so doing, we are one of the most respected alumni networks in the world.
    • Mission: We connect the talent, ideas, and resources of P&G Alumni. We create impact for our local and global communities through events, content, and philanthropy.
  • Experience in activities outside of the P&G Alumni Network, particularly in non-profit board and committee work. A key role of the Board is to be a role model for broad professional networking, non-profit organizational leadership, and communication.

Please send your recommendations to Ute Hagen, Vice-Chair of the Global Board and Head of the Nomination Committee at ute.hagen@gmail.com.

Nomination Deadline: December 14, 2023

As a coach, Carol’s coaching is influenced by brain science and how it can shape leaders and teams. In this candid conversation, we discuss how brain-based coaching can bring about lasting change. Carol shares about the SCARF model — which involves five domains of human social experience: Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, and Fairness — a powerful neuroscience-based model for coaching. We explore hot topics – inclusion, psychological safety, and trust. We talk about how leaders and organizations can prepare for change and a lot more. 

This is a continuation of our series with P&G Alumni Coaching where leading Alumni will dive deep into relevant topics. Just as professional athletes have a coach to help them perform at their best, coaching can help you thrive in your career and life, through powerful questioning, exploration, and action planning. P&G Alums can learn more and sign up for their first free session at coaching.pgalums.com


This is your last chance to win a global P&G “Alum-to-Alum” experience with proceeds helping alums improve lives for people in need! The P&G Alumni Foundation’s online “Alum-to-Alum” Auction is open and accepting bids until Nov 27, 6:00 pm ET.

The experiences span the globe:

  • “San Francisco Treat” with Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh
  • “Magnificent Milan Aperol/Negroni and Duomo” with Campari CEO Bob Kunze-Concewtiz
  • “Viva Mexico and Don Julio” with Diageo CMO Jay Sethi
  • “Luxury Cruise on Seabourn” with special pre-trip briefing from Seabourn CEO Natalya Leahy
  • “Dubai Desert Dunes and Valuable IMEA Insights” with Mohamed Samir
  • “Coffee and Conversation” with John Pepper
  • “Dynamic David Taylor” 1:1 or with a Group Meetup
  • “Miami Nice” including Tours of the Design District/Wynwood/Little Havana with Influencer Gina Lam and Dinner with Jorge Montoya
  •  “Life Inspiration Coaching” with the P&G Alumni Coaching Program sponsored by the Women’s Leadership Forum (Lou Ann Eckert-Lynch, Heidi Piper, and more)

Annie is the co-founder of the Alliance for Decision Education, a nonprofit whose mission is to improve lives by empowering students through decision skills education. My discussion with Annie focuses on her recent book, “How to Decide, Simple Tools for Making Better Choices.”

But Annie is not exactly a P&G Alumni, so what’s the deal? Alongside our partners at P&G, we’re thrilled to share another episode of P&G’s “More Than Soap” podcast – available exclusively each week to P&G Employees at GetMoreThanSoap.com. On “More Than Soap,” P&G shares weekly conversations with Inspiring guests, unique perspectives, and unconventional ideas. “More Than Soap” is P&G’s official internal podcast – available to all 100,000 P&G employees worldwide, and hosted by Dorion Positano, P&G’s Director of New Business and Content Innovation and AI Integration Strategy. Interested in learning more about P&G’s “More Than Soap” podcast, or P&G Studios, can reach out directly to Dorion on LinkedIn. GetMoreThanSoap.com


Kenneth led an organization of 150,000 employees and oversaw the fastest period of expansion at that time — opening over 1,000 restaurants in the span of 5 years. Kenneth was awarded the prestigious “Overseas CEO Award” at the Singapore Business Awards (2014), as well as the “Leading CEO Award” by the Singapore Human Resources Institute (2007).

He now serves as a strategic advisor and executive mentor. You’ll enjoy this deep, humble conversation on creating one’s authentic leadership style, how Asians can become strong leaders, and the importance of values during adversity.