Change Management Lead, Africa Middle East Turkey, ekaterra

The Change Management Lead role is part of the AMET People & Organization Team working for the ekaterra establishment project “Blossom”. The role will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring on time, in full communication flow regarding change appraoch to be followed, from Global Blossom Change Management Team to AMET Blossom and Country Teams.
  • Leading initiatives, in partnership with Country Blossom Change Champions, to enable the change in market via trainings and engagement events. Ensure all key employees are equipped with necessary information to manage / operate in the new ways of working.
  • Leading adoption tracking for AMET in partnership with Global Blossom Change Management Team.
  • Driving action / adoption across key employee groups in a structured, methodical appraoch.
  • Helping audiences see the benefits of new systems, ways of working or new cultures.
  • Supporting the global team to plan any regional or local change impacts and subsequent interventions

Skills Needed:

  • Operational Discipline, ability to handle multiple peiorirties and Influencing others to achieve goals will be critical skills.
  • Project management experience will be an advantage
  • Strong communication skills,
  • Problem solving ability
  • Ability to work with stretch deadlines
  • Proficiency in English.

This is a fixed term role linked to ekaterra’s establishment as an independent company after separation from Unilever. The role will report to the Head of People & Organization, AMET. As the role can be done remotely, it can be based in Cairo, Istanbul or Dubai.

Marketing Director – Growth

Founded in 1901, the NCGA is one of the largest regional golf associations in the US, with more than 175,000 individual members who belong to more than 1300 clubs throughout NorCal and into Nevada.  Our vision is to ensure the game is vibrant, inclusive, and accessible.   Among other services, the NCGA provides its members with official handicap indexes, owns and operates two golf courses (Poppy Hills and Poppy Ridge), annually conducts more than 50 championships and over 600 days of competitive golf for all abilities, sponsors casual golf outings, travel, and special events, publishes NCGA Golf magazine and PLUS digital monthly magazine, secures exclusive member discounts on products and services and created and is expanding the Youth on Course Foundation.

Objectives – Responsible for Membership # and Retention , Member Participation and Satisfaction, Club Participation, Advertising and Sponsorship Revenue, P&L, Personnel Mgt.

Core Responsibility – Single point accountability for marketing/business development for NCGA members and clubs, Develop strategy and annual business plan to deliver the overall objectives, Ensure coordinated brand positioning exists for member/club communications, Upside plans, Execution of plans, and Agency oversite.

Key Projects – Membership Retention, Satisfaction, and Acquisition Initiatives and Campaigns, Equity Management/Branding oversite, Member Clubs Strategy, Business Assessments and Budget, Oversite for advertising and sponsorship sales.




Lead Site Tester

This role is to test different products as food and devices.


– Show up

– Eat all that is given to you

– Wear all that is given

– Write testimonials

– Approval to be filmed for feedback purposes


– sense of adventure

– a strong stomach

– no shame