Marketing Talent Development Best Practices ($500 Paid Interviews)

From a P&G alum:

CMO Consulting Group is a specialty marketing consultancy founded in 2009 with more than 20 partners.   We have recently been engaged by a Fortune 100 Consumer Services company to conduct a best practices assessment of the world’s leading marketing companies.  Our objective is to understand how leading marketing companies manage the following within their organizations:

·                     Marketing individual people development processes

·                     Structured marketing skills training programs

·                     Marketing career pathing

We are seeking experienced individuals from companies like Procter & Gamble to participate in 1-hour paid interviews with myself and another member the CMO Consulting Group project team

HR consultant

Looking for an HR expert who have a rich experience in managing and developing an HR manager in CPG manufacturing company.  We have a potential candidate for a future HR manager but need someone who can help her grow.  We are open to both remote and on site.

CMO – Northern California Golf Association

Oversees strategies for membership growth and satisfaction, revenue improvement and ensuring robust brand equities for the NCGA amd its properties: Poppy Hills golf course and Poppy Ridge golf course.   This includes leadership for Marketing, Membership and Club Relations, and Customer Service, Communications, and Advertising.  Experience at high-growth B2C companies and ownership and ownership of all areas of marketing including:  service marketing, content marketing, branding, paid digital, marketing analytics and website/SEO, and research are required for success.