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December 20, 2023

As the opportunity to contribute draws to a close, seize this final moment to be part of something extraordinary. Your donation isn’t just a gift. It’s a beacon of hope—a catalyst for lasting empowerment.

Embrace the Power of Now! Last time to Double your Impact!

This is the last chance for the impact of your generosity to be doubled. Every dollar donated to the Alumni Foundation through the end of 2023 will be 100% MATCHED. This is possible through the generosity of a matching grant from former P&G Chairman and CEO, David Taylor. Your donation of $25 becomes $50, $100 becomes $200, $1,000 becomes $2,000, and so on up to $200,000!

Your action today shapes a brighter tomorrow. Contribute now and be part of the Foundation’s impactful journey.

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January 9, 2024

JOIN US for our first Enrichment Series Webinar of 2024: Making The Leap From Winner To Champion with James Michael Lafferty!

James the Chief Executive Officer of Fine Hygienic Holding, and has often been described as one of the most unique and diversified CEOs in the world today. Not only is he a successful CEO; he’s also an Olympic coach, award-winning journalist, college professor, competitive athlete, philanthropist, husband, father of six, and grandfather of three!

Don’t miss this incredible LIVE virtual webinar with James Michael Lafferty!


David Taylor & A.G. Lafley are two of P&G’s Emeritus CEOs who joined the recent P&G Alumni Global Conference in Washington DC for a candid conversation that goes beyond their personal stories—or even the stories of the day; to discuss their approaches to some of the broad challenges we must face together in order to meet the moment.

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