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November 30, 2023


As alums, most of us would agree that we share a common sense of gratitude for skills learned and friends made at P&G. At the P&G Alumni Foundation, this gratitude is what drives us to pay it forward. With gratitude, we harness the power of the P&G Alumni Network to create a global force for good—giving grants and applying our collective experience to help people in need thrive economically.

From bees to biofertilizers, medical skills to micro-loans, sewing machines to student readiness, tech to transportation, and computers to micro businesses—the grants lift up hundreds of thousands of individuals and their families. While we have come a long way, there is still much to be done. For every grant we make, two are waiting for funding—that’s 5,000 people not trained and 2,000 new businesses not started this year alone.

But there is hope—and there is help.

It is with true gratitude to former P&G Chairman & CEO, David Taylor that every dollar donated to the Alumni Foundation will be 100% MATCHED through the end of 2023. Your donation of $25 becomes $50, $100 becomes $200, $1,000 becomes $2,000, and so on—up to $200,000!


Join David and the P&G Alumni Foundation as we UNLEASH gratitude around the world! Thank you again, David, for this amazing gift and lovely video with fellow former P&G Chairman & CEO, John Pepper and Foundation Board Member, Ida Abdalkhani.

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Carol Fusek is a NeuroLeadership Institute brain-based coach who works with individuals, organizations, and families to help them thrive. Currently based in Singapore, Carol was P&G’s Asia’s Associate Director of Customer Service and Logistics and held various leadership roles throughout her 26-year career with P&G.

As a coach, Carol is influenced by brain science and how it can shape leaders and teams. In this candid conversation, we discuss how brain-based coaching can bring about lasting change. Carol talks about the SCARF model—which involves five domains of human social experience: Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, and Fairness—a powerful neuroscience-based model for coaching. We explore hot topics such as inclusion, psychological safety, and trust. We talk about how leaders and organizations can prepare for change and a lot more.

This is a continuation of our series with P&G Alumni Coaching where leading Alumni will dive deep into relevant topics. Just as professional athletes have a coach to help them perform at their best, coaching can help you thrive in your career and life through powerful questioning, exploration, and action planning. P&G Alums can learn more and sign up for their first free session at

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