2021 Global Conference: Fireside Chat: An Inclusive World with Katie Couric and Marc S. Pritchard 

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer of Procter & Gamble, sat down with renowned award-winning journalist Katie Couric, founder of Katie Couric Media, to share their vision of a fairer and more equitable world through media and advertising. Pritchard mentioned of how P&G, as the world’s largest advertiser, strives to portray diversity in its messages to reach everyone. 

Couric concurred and spoke of the importance of accurate portrayals, images, and representation, influenced by the work of Mahzarin Banaji, on how are brains are hardwired to make associations and connections and that we must not simply allow white men to be associated with positions of powers. She spoke of growing up with women only portrayed as stay-at-home moms and having to insist that she would not just cover cooking or fashion shows. “We need to see more diversity in positions of power, decision-making positions”, stressed Couric. 

This talk was presented during the 2021 Alumni Network Global Conference. 


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