Geraldine’s also SVP of news and entertainment at The Grio – a black-owned media platform owned by businessman and philanthropist Byron Allen. A media and journalism veteran, Geraldine’s held senior roles at CNN, NBC, PBS, ABC, and CBC – including being vice president for diversity, equity, and inclusion for CNN Worldwide. A Canadian Jamaican living in New York, Geraldine never accepted setbacks on her journey – they were just challenges to overcome. From confronting racist administrators in college to accepting a fax machine invitation, Geraldine built a career that would always challenge the right story to be told. You can learn more about Geraldine’s work at //

This is a past conversation from Raman’s other podcast, Modern Minorities, where each week we share minority conversations for all of our majority years. You’ll enjoy this candid conversation that we hope will provide new perspectives and learnings.



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