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Board Recommended Incumbent

In Alphabetical Order:


Ida Abdalkhani– Board Recommended Incumbent

  • Engagement with P&G and P&G Alumni activities 

Time at P&G: 2005-2010 where Ida served as Global Brand Manager for Olay Body Care, and Secret Deodorants after ABM roles on Downy and Bounce.

After resigning from P&G she backpacked around the world, became a Laughter Yoga instructor, and then started Ability to Engage, a consultancy that helps some of the world’s largest brands and companies (including P&G). Ability to Engage is an international award-winning company and Ida is a sought-after global speaker and Board Member for multiple organizations. Her varied experiences have helped her cultivate an understanding of the benefits of new and different perspectives. She strives to be inclusive and ensure we are all better for our interactions together.

Ida currently serves as the Secretary of the Global Board. In addition, she is the Enrichment Series Webinars Lead, Podcast Co-Host, and Board Member of the P&G Alumni Foundation.

  • Motivation to run for (re)election to the Board of the Global P&G Alumni Network

There is more to be done, therefore Ida wants to continue to contribute to the things that she is currently doing.


Stevi Gable Carr–Board Recommended Incumbent

  • Engagement with P&G and P&G Alumni activities 

Stevi Gable Carr spent just shy of a decade at P&G in Consumer & Market Knowledge,  Retail Design, Brand Expression, and Brand Capability in Global Baby Care, Global Fem Care, NA Hair Care, and Global Cosmetics from 2008-2010 and 2010-2017.

Stevi was foundational in creating the idea, and then developing and executing the Always Discreet Boutique.  She had the foresight and consumer understanding to realize there was a super-premium market for women in adult incontinence that would aim to make the experience of AI products move from diapers to underwear.  She convinced the President, R&D, PR, and Marketing. Discreet Boutique continues to deliver for P&G.

Stevi is passionate about catalyzing human potential and enabling individuals and brands to achieve their goals through healthy, intentional strategies to support resilient behaviors.

She founded Wise Wellness Guild in 2019 where she brought this inspiration and her entrepreneurial spirit to her own company.  Stevi has received considerable notice and awards for her commitments including being named to Cincinnati’s Women Who Mean Business and 40 Under 40, 2020 as well as Procter & Gamble Global Visionary Under 40 Winner at the 2019 Alumni Conference.

She is currently serving on the P&G Alumni Board. Stevi attended the Global Conferences in 2019 and 2023 and has supported the C-Suite Network, Enrichment Series, and Cincinnati Chapter since 2017.  Specifically, she partnered with Stuart Schaefer to deliver the Health Innovations Summit in 2019 in partnership with UC Health and UC 1819 Innovation Lab. This day-long event hosted hundreds of attendees and supported the amplification of P&G Alumni paving the way for health and wellness innovation in the region.

She moderated ES Webinars June-Dec 2023 and from July-Dec 2024.

  • Motivation to run for (re)election to the Board of the Global P&G Alumni Network

Stevi believes that the network can maximize impact by generating additional revenue to financially support holistic efforts aligned with network goals.  Through the establishment of the Revenue Committee, Stevi looks forward to identifying and activating key activities that can support meaningful paid opportunities for alumni to deepen engagement.


Lou Ann Eckert-Lynch–Board Recommended Incumbent

  • Engagement with P&G and P&G Alumni activities 

Being a Chemical Engineer by vocation, LouAnn started her career at P&G in 1978 in Production Management and eventually rose through the ranks in Human Resource Management, including North American, and Global roles. She retired in 2010 as HR Director, Global Employee Relations.
Today LouAnn consults with individual leaders and teams to drive performance and is a trained coach.

She has been actively engaged with the Global Alumni Network since January 2011 to represent the interests of female P&G Alumni globally. She currently is the Chair of the Women’s Forum within the Network as well as a Board Member of the Global Network. Under her leadership, the Women´s Forum is a very active and vital part of the Global Network. She has been an active contributor to all the past Global Alumni Conferences. LouAnn also is an active supporter of the Global Alumni Foundation.

  • Motivation to run for(re) election to the Board of the Global P&G Alumni Network

Much is still to be done for a full-on engagement of the Global P&G Alumni. Therefore, LouAnn wants to continue to lead, particularly the Women`s Forum as there are many more ideas on how to advance female leaders of all ages.


Jeff Goldstein–Board Recommended Incumbent

Driven to make a difference, helping people, companies, and the community.

President of ACUPOLL Precision Research, Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio.

Expertise Areas:  Vision, Strategy, Marketing, Innovation, Market Research, Consumer Products Growth Strategy, M&A, Leadership, seeing opportunities many others don’t.

  • Engagement with P&G and P&G Alumni activities

1988-1996: P&G Health Care Brand Management, P&G Health Care Globalization Time-Based Competition Team (recommended GBU structure), Corporate New Ventures

Global Alumni Board Member since I founded the Cincinnati chapter in 2005 and built it to over 1,000 members, with events ranging from 80-275 attendees, continuing on the Network board for nearly a decade and still active in events.

Led global alumni survey research: Created the 2004 alumni network survey to get feedback on the idea of creating local chapters; contributed to global conference surveys; conducted the 2015 global survey that led to the creation of the enrichment program; conducted the 2021 global survey that led to the new business model initiative; and surveys for enrichment, coaching, and African American engagement

Attended seven global conferences (all in the U.S., Toronto, and LATAM/Miami)

Secured a dozen or more sponsors for the Cincinnati chapter and sponsorship for the Global Conference

Secured participants for the C-Suite Forum

  • Motivation to run for (re)election to the Board of the Global P&G Alumni Network

I want to continue to lead the Global Board’s work to identify strategy business model improvements that will take the organization to a whole new level … and magnify the impact/benefit we have on the lives of alumni. I want to continue to connect with P&G alumni and help them however I can, and give back to the community which benefited me, my parents, siblings, and children (as I’m a 2nd generation P&G alum)


Ranu Gupta–Board Recommended Incumbent

As the Senior Product Delivery Leader for the Wells Fargo Small Business Digital Channel, I look for innovative ways to improve the lives of 10% of all US Small business customers, who are Wells Fargo customers and represent ~7% of US GDP. As a leader in the Digital Strategy & Innovation group, I am enabling one of the largest and oldest financial institutions in the world to re-invent itself into a digital powerhouse. I am also a serial entrepreneur and serve and have served on various profit and non-profit boards such as Vijona Africa, Playpal, Innovation Pavilion, University of Denver, and the SMU Tech Incubator.  I live in the Dallas metroplex, and I am a full-on geek with a passion for digitally enabled innovation, especially in the areas of co-living and education.

  • Engagement with P&G and P&G Alumni activities 

I joined P&G as an intern in the 90s and left in 2000 reluctantly headhunted out by GE to set up leadership development for their fastest-growing business at the time (now called GENPACT) and have lived in the US since 2006.

I re-engaged with P&G through the alumni network in 2018, and after the Madrid conference I restarted the Dallas Chapter, and since late 2021 was tapped to run the North American chapters as Regional Ambassador, and the Global Chapters as Membership Committee Chair. I have worked hard to facilitate a strong partnership with the chapters and the PGAN Foundation, in addition to rejuvenating existing chapters post-pandemic and restarting key ones like the SF Bay area Chapter. With over 67 global chapters led by 145 leaders, I am proud to say we represent one of the most vibrant alumni networks in the world.

  • Motivation to run for (re)election to the Board of the Global P&G Alumni Network

Attending my first alumni conference back in Madrid in 2019, I felt instantly energized and at home reconnecting with old friends and colleagues with shared values and mutual respect. That motivated me to restart the Dallas Chapter, and then take over responsibility for the North American and Global Chapters. My only major motivation, I must say is the pleasure it gives me to once again be working with people of high integrity and caliber that P&G represents. My way of giving back.


 Katya [Ekaterina] Lobynko–Board Recommended Incumbent

Katya is a digital leader with broad experience in driving digital transformation in FMCG and Pharma. She is based in Paris, France, and has an international background having lived in Malaysia previously. She is passionate about realizing the value and positive impact of technologies for consumers, employees, and businesses.

  • Engagement with P&G and P&G Alumni activities

Katya spent five years in P&G delivering digital initiatives in commercial and marketing areas in EMEA. Currently, she works as a director at Sanofi, a biopharma company.

Katya has served on the board of PGAN for a year, co-chairing the Enrichment Committee. She has been actively collaborating with the “Under 40” program to promote PGAN for younger audiences, recruiting a C-level speaker for the Podcast, and speaking in the webinar on AI and DEI topics.

  • Motivation to run for (re)election to the Board of the Global P&G Alumni Network

Katya wants to continue her engagement with the PGAN evolving to co-lead the “Under 40” domain and facilitate building connections among EU chapters to promote the mission to enrich, form connections, and inspire, as well as engage more young alumni to join the Network.


Michelle Solano–Board Recommended Incumbent

Business Management consultant and Board Member with 24 years of experience working for leading multinationals FMCG, Nutrition & Prestige Beauty organizations in Marketing (Brand Building, Media & Communications, Marketing Direction), Commercial, and Brand Direction positions. I’m based in Mexico City. I’m passionate about helping others, personally or professionally, and I love to be a go-to person when they need some help, just listening or giving some advice, if sharing my experiences can help.

I have had the opportunity to be part of best-in-class organizations and learned from them, so I believe now is my turn to share this with other people.

  • Engagement with P&G and P&G Alumni activities 

I’ve worked for P&G Mexico affiliate from 1999 to 2008 in Brand and Corporate Media departments. Besides my function role, I participated as train the trainer for the You the Coach program and supported an elementary school with a class program lectured by PG employees.

I’m currently part of the P&G Alumni Mexico Chapter Board, I participate in the Events Team organizing networking activities throughout the year, as well as in the Philanthropy Team.

  • Motivation to run for (re)election to the Board of the Global P&G Alumni Network

In Mexico, as in the rest of the word, we want to reach young ex-P&Ger to bring new people to the network, learn from the new generations, understand what motivates them to be part of the alumni community, provide them value-added benefits, and ensure continuity of the alumni project. Therefore, I’m interested in participating in the “Under 40” global team to be able to get worldwide learnings, propose new ways of attraction, and implement actions that will benefit the global community.


Eric Vanderschueren–Board Recommended Incumbent

  • Engagement with P&G and P&G Alumni activities

Worked 32 years at P&G from 1983 to 2015, based in six countries (France, US, Spain, Belgium, and Singapore), with assignments in Finance and Marketing. The last 15 years were spent in Global roles.

On the Board of the P&G Alumni Network since 2017, operating as Treasurer.  I work with the Chairman and fellow Board members to secure the success and the sustainability of the Network operations. With my Board colleagues, we have strengthened the financial viability of the Network and constantly look at opportunities to improve our business model.

  • Motivation to run for (re)election to the Board of the Global P&G Alumni Network

My motivation to run for re-election is to keep expanding the reach of the Network and to strengthen and diversify the offerings to P&G Alums. It is a small token to pay back for all that I received from the Company. Another motivation is to have the opportunity to engage with fellow alums. P&Gers are the main asset of the Company and it is a sheer pleasure to engage and work with them.


New Nominations

In Alphabetical Order:


Basile Choueri–New Nomination

  • Engagement with P&G and P&G Alumni activities…other things about me

I was hired by P&G in Aug 2001 as part of the initial team that established the Company in the Levant area. First hired as an ABM for Pantene & Crest, I found my passion in the Product Supply space, specifically Procurement. Initially for the Levant Hub but then I became one of the key members of the CEEMEA Purchasing team and managed several projects across the region along with running Procurement training for the Purchasing team.

I have been part of the P&G Alumni (UK Chapter) and have attended several chapter activities as well as engaged via various Webinars.

I left P&G in 2006 as I was head-hunted by BAT to establish their Indirect Procurement function across the Levant & Yemen region. Currently, I am the Operations Director for a recently established Business Unit within BAT called Beyond Nicotine where we are developing a portfolio (both Organic and Inorganic) of products to address consumer needs for Well-being & Stimulation, all products not including any Tobacco or Nicotine stimulants or even any form that is under BAT’s portfolio of brands (cigarette, e-cigarette or other). Our first launches are Functional Beverages (60ml shots) that are used for Mood Modulation using Caffeine, L-Theanine, and other natural ingredients/stimulants. My role is to design, develop, and implement the End-to-End Supply Chain, including the Supply Network, manufacturing the product at the required regulatory compliance level, and addressing all working processes and capabilities both upstream and downstream.

I have been based in London, UK for the last 15 years albeit I have been managing global roles working with people literally from across the world. I am originally born and raised in Lebanon.

I am also a co-founder and board member of an NGO that takes care of babies born with congenital heart diseases (called Heartbeat). The NGO was created in 2005 and we raise funds through concerts (that I contribute to preparing but also sing in) and Gala dinners where, every year we raised more than $1M and have helped operate on more than 350 kids per year.

  • Motivation to run for election to the Board of the Global P&G Alumni Network

I am fully motivated by the vision and mission of the Global Alumni Network.
Particularly, I feel that the network can benefit much more from the talent, ideas, and resources that the Middle East and Africa can bring and that are currently both under-represented or not tapped well enough into. My added value is to be able to rally that network and ensure it can power P&Gers to impact both local and global communities.

Therefore, I want to become the point-person for the Middle East and African continent to engage more fully with existing active chapters.  And be the conduit that will bring talent from these regions to the attention of the Global Network and bring ideas from active chapters in Europe, North- and Latin America, and Asia into the Middle East and Africa.


Tatiana Lannelongue–New Nomination

PROFESSION: Strategy, Financial, and Product Consultant to the High-Tech Industry.
LOCATION: Naples, Florida, USA (50%) ; Les Baux-de-Provence, FRANCE (50%).
LANGUAGES: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese (some).
EDUCATION: Electrical Engineer (B.S.E.E., M.S.) / Finance (CFA Program L1).
PASSIONS: Bringing to bear 30+ years of international experience in assisting companies, corporate to early-stage, to optimize, develop and deploy new products and services globally, maximize NPVs, and ensure success for the benefit of customers, employees, and shareholders.

  • Engagement with P&G and P&G Alumni activities 

I was part of the Engineering Organization at the European Technical Center (ETC) in Brussels from ~ 1985 to 1987. Our team was responsible for the ’harmonization’ of the electronic and software control systems used in all the detergent production sites across Europe. During my time at P&G, I worked on projects in France, the UK, Italy, Belgium, and Germany.

I have been part of the Catapult team since early 2023 and negotiated the contract with Republic, the Venture Capital firm selected to support fundraising for PGAN-led startups.
I have also been part of the PGAN Marketing & Comms team, representing the Catapult team, and have written several articles for publication: the PGAN newsletter, website, and LinkedIn page.

  • Motivation to run for election to the Board of the Global P&G Alumni Network

Working with the Board and Catapult team to identify, deploy, and promote potential revenue-generating activities that do not violate the PGAN 501 (c) status.
Promoting the PGAN value proposition to our European and South American chapters.


José Ignacio Sordo Galarza–New Nomination

  • Engagement with P&G and P&G Alumni activities

I began my career in Mexico City in CBD in 1987. Later, I relocated to Caracas, Venezuela, transitioning to IT and GBS, ultimately advancing to the role of Regional CIO for Latin America. Then moved to Cincinnati, assuming the responsibility for the Global IT Commercial Strategy, and retired in 2008.

I have actively engaged with the P&G Alumni Community in Cincinnati, Texas, and Mexico. I had the privilege to participate in speaking engagements for the Alumni community while also presenting the content of the two books I have written: “The Uncomfortable CEO” and “Leading with Strategic Thinking – Driving Strategy through Structure and Process”.

Other things about me

Bringing forth more than 25 years of experience steering global go-to-market strategies, commercial innovation, and digital transformation initiatives, I am a seasoned executive with a proven track record of success. My forte lies in program management, strategic planning, and catalyzing transformative change. Renowned for my vision-driven approach and exceptional communication skills, I have consistently delivered tangible results throughout my career. Currently residing in San Antonio, Texas, USA, I am fluent in both English and Spanish.

-I founded the Hispanic Innovation Center Chicago Foundation to support and promote the strategic use of information technology to advance educational achievement, impact community development, improve organizational structure, and implement workforce development initiatives within the non-profit sector.

-I am also on two non-profit Boards in San Antonio as their VP of Strategic Planning: ACTS Missions and Master Leadership Program.

  • Motivation to run for election to the Board of the Global P&G Alumni Network

My foremost priority is to continue being relevant within the P&G Alumni community. My commitment lies in sharing insights from my leadership toolbox, particularly in the art of framing complex issues with utmost clarity in business terms. This proficiency aims to facilitate effective communication, enabling the Board to comprehend and make well-informed decisions. Through this ongoing engagement, I aspire to contribute meaningfully to the community´s collective knowledge and foster a collaborative environment.


Hanxi Zhao —New Nomination

Hanxi is currently a Managing Partner at Trustar Capital, (formerly known as CITIC Capital Partners), a Private Equity firm that focuses on control buyout opportunities globally and has completed over 80 investments since its inception in 2003 across China, Japan, the U.S., Europe, Australia/New Zealand. Trustar Capital currently manages USD7.8 billion of committed capital and has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, and New York.

Hanxi has been based in Shanghai, China since 2007 after she joined Trustar Capital. Over the past 16 years with the firm, she has become a successful investor with a proven track record of investing in international companies. Hanxi currently serves on the boards of numerous companies worldwide, including Erno Laszlo in the US, Axilone in France, LELO in Sweden, Trilogy in New Zealand, Jissbon, and eBeauty in China, to name a few. She is also the only female partner in the firm. Her success has inspired many other women in China to pursue demanding careers in private equity and investment, which have traditionally been male-dominated industries. Before joining Trustar Capital, Hanxi worked in Strategy Planning and Marketing at Dow Jones & Company in the U.S. and Asia. Before that, she held positions as a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group in the U.S. and as a Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble in China.

Hanxi is proficient in English, Chinese, Cantonese, and Japanese. She has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.A. from Wuhan University

  • Engagement with P&G and P&G Alumni activities

Hanxi worked for P&G China in the Brand Management and Marketing function from 1995 to 2000. She was one of the earliest Chinese Brand Managers to be promoted and led the Always and Tampax brands. Her achievement in launching Tampax for the first time in China and building the category was iconic because, at that time, Chinese women not only refrained from using Tampax but also held the perception that it would harm their virginity. Today, Tampax in China is a leading brand in the women’s hygiene product category.

Hanxi has always been actively involved in the P&G alumni network. For instance, her portfolio companies sponsored the P&G China Alumni Conference for multiple years. As a respected investor, she consistently makes time to offer guidance to P&G younger alumni seeking advice on starting their own businesses. Recently, she was assigned the role of Global Liaison and Development Director. This task has proven to be challenging due to the strict and complex regulatory requirements for overseas NGOs.

Hanxi has provided invaluable support to the effort to establish the P&G Alumni Foundation in China. She has utilized her network to connect with experts for consultation and recommended local partners to facilitate the lawful transfer of funds to the foundation in China. In less than half a year, there has been significant progress with the P&G Alumni Foundation, and Hanxi is the first Chinese donor to contribute to the Foundation this year.

  • Motivation to run for election to the Board of the Global P&G Alumni Network 

Hanxi’s motivation to run for the board stems from her deep pride in her experience as an ex-P&Ger. To pay this back, she commits to nurturing the alumni network and is dedicated to making a positive impact on a global basis.

As an active member of the P&G China alumni network, Hanxi has observed an opportunity to engage more Chinese alumni with the global alumni network. She has noticed low awareness and participation among Chinese alumni in global conferences and P&G’s philanthropy efforts. Given her accomplishments as a global leader, Hanxi desires to give back more to P&G and make a significant impact on the global community.

Hanxi brings significant contributions and expertise to the board and the community

Extensive Network: Hanxi possesses an extensive network in both the US and Asia business worlds due to her investment work. Her regular interactions with founders, senior executives, and investors enable her to bring sponsors and influential speakers to P&G events, enhancing networking and learning opportunities for alumni.

Strengthening Connections: Hanxi is committed to strengthening the connection between the China alumni network and the global network. She envisions hosting a global conference in China, providing Chinese alumni with the opportunity to contribute through sponsored auctions for the Global Foundation. This initiative not only promotes engagement but also showcases the vibrant Chinese alumni community.

Sharing Best Practices: Based in Shanghai and frequently traveling worldwide, Hanxi plans to meet with chapter chairs in different regions. Through these interactions, she aims to exchange ideas with other chapters and share the best practices implemented by the China alumni network. This collaborative approach fosters continuous improvement and mutual support among chapters.

Hanxi actively participates in several impactful initiatives outside of her professional endeavors:

Harvard Business School Mentorship Program: Hanxi joined the mentorship program at Harvard Business School, dedicating her time to assist young professionals facing career choices, workplace challenges, or seeking advice, and guidance.

Jiuqian Charity Sponsorship: Hanxi has been a steadfast supporter of Jiuqian, a renowned charity organization that focuses on providing holistic education to underprivileged children. Her support extends beyond financial contributions, as she and her children personally visit rural schools, engage in activities such as reading stories, teaching lessons, organizing summer camps, and even helping in infrastructure repairs like fixing water pipes. The children she supports have had the opportunity to attend prestigious high schools like the United World College, thus transforming their life trajectories. Additionally, Hanxi has provided scholarships to students in various organizations.

Covid-19 Response: When the pandemic first struck, particularly during the chaotic periods in Wuhan and later in the United States, Hanxi mobilized her resources to source and coordinate logistics for significant medical supplies. She made substantial donations to hospitals and nurses in both China and the US. Her contributions were acknowledged by her alma mater, Wuhan University, as she was recognized as one of the contributors.


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