Ben Chapman – Cooperative for Education Grant Champion

Cooperative for Education grant champion, Ben Chapman, explains why he championed a grant: “CoEd has had tremendous success over the past 25 years in accomplishing its mission by focusing on breaking the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through education. These are children who often are the only ones in the history of their families who have graduated from high school or even the 6th grade, changing the trajectory for their entire family.”

The $20,000 grant from the P&G Alumni Foundation has helped people like Diego. Rarely do you see someone get the opportunity to return home and give back to the community that raised them, but Diego, at age 28, is doing just that! During his studies at Hacienda María, Diego took advantage of the textbooks and computers provided by Cooperative for Education (CoEd). Today, Diego teaches technology classes in the same Computer Center where he once studied!

Steve Baggott – Breakthrough Cincinnati Grant Champion

Steve Baggott utilizes his 32 years of P&G expertise to support Breakthrough Cincinnati, an agency that energizes underrepresented aspirational students to enter college with confidence. BTC is dedicated to addressing the academic gap experienced by underrepresented local students that, when coupled with the system’s educational inequities, can limit their opportunities for college and prosperity. BTC is transforming the community to advance education, equity, and economic mobility.

The $15,000 Alumni Foundation grant has helped people like Bijin: “Breakthrough is such a positive bubble. It’s such a positive environment where everyone has a growth mindset and the belief that we can be better. I still feel the impact of Breakthrough every day when I’m here at college.” 

Bijin Basu

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