From business training, micro-loans, access to higher education, computer skills, beekeeping, and improved farming methods, our grants provide funding to train and provide employment opportunities to thousands. Through the efforts of the grantees, our funds will provide jobs and employment for over 1,700, job-related skills training for almost 2,000 people, and create more than 800 new business ventures impacting some 12,000 family and community members.

To learn about the grant recipients and their projects please click on the pictures below. The links will take you to the P&G Alumni Foundation website with individual profiles for each grant recipient.

Our impact continues to expand and the stories of those who have benefited are inspiring. Thanks to you, the P&G Alumni Foundation has given 112 grants totaling $1.78 million, spanning 40+ countries on five continents. More importantly, we have helped hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world create a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

With a committed global board of 15 talented leaders, 185+ Ambassadors, 120 grant champions, close to 400 donors, and thousands of talented alums around the world, we are able to do even more! Thank you for your continued support.

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