2021 Global Conference: “China at Its Best” 

Featuring Founder and CEO of FRYday Consulting Jacqueline Wu, Co-Founder and General Manager of QuickDecision Perry Li and General Manager of Anker China Terrence Wang (China at Its Best). Wang spoke of the growth of Anker in recent years, attributed to what he calls VOC-based (Voice of Consumer) Innovation grounded in China Speed. He spoke of how complaints by consumers on the fragility of cables led to Anker to innovate and create a new cable strong enough to tow a car. Wu spoke of the rise of Consumerism Brands in China, the creation of new domestic brands to challenge the dominance of international products such as Bananain, SuperMonkey Gym, and Heytea. She gave her insight into the why, who, and what, of setting up a new consumer brand in the growing Chinese market. Li also spoke of the new Consumerism brands in China, and the importance of insight into the decision-making process. 

This talk was presented during the 2021 Alumni Network Global Conference.


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