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The P&G Alumni “Women’s leadership Forum” is hosting a webinar on “How to be Board Ready” on Feb18th 3pm Singapore time.  

This is the first event that is focused on Asia, with asian panelists and scheduled on Asia time.
About this event
There is a great urgency to increase gender diversity on both corporate and non profit boards.

Hear from experienced P&G Alumni, Search firms and consultants on what it takes to get individually prepared and networked to serve on boards.
The ZOOM link for the event will be sent to all registered participants 24h before the event starts.
Please note that this event is from and for P&G Alumni, so former employees and retirees.
Before reserving your Eventbrite ticket for the event, please make sure you register for the global P&G alumni network on www.pgalums.com
If you have any questions, please get in touch with Patricia Mathias (patmathias1@gmail.com).
Registration is free for all Alumni.
The Eventbrite link is here
Thanks for your help supporting this event and helping get more P&G female alumni board ready 🙂

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