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Ed Tazzia is American and lives in Michigan, US. Ed is 65+ and a thriving business entrepreneur. He was with P&G for 10 years and left in 1983. He is a founder member of the P&G Global alumni network and has been the network chairman since 2003. Ed is inextricably linked with the network’s progress over the years and the man behind the global conferences, the external partnerships and the deep mutual respect for and close collaboration with the Company. Ed is the principal of Sycamore & Co. His key passion for the future of the network is sustainable success. Whatever it takes, this is a lifetime passion and achievement. Ed typically dedicates 10-12 hours/week to the Network. Ed is an incumbent candidate. In the last year, he has attended all board meetings and numerous committee meetings and other sessions. Globally, regionally and even locally, fully complying with the requirements for a serving trustee. The board RECOMMENDS Ed for re-election.


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Katrin Seifarth is German and lives near Frankfurt. She is 45+ and a business entrepreneur and executive coach. She was with P&G for 14 years, leaving in 2008. She is the co-chair of the global enrichment committee, the global leader of the Business Catapult and also since several years a co-leader of the DACH alumni chapter and is overall very involved in the Network. Katrin runs her own company, train effect, and is dedicated to unlocking the best in individuals and in teams. Looking ahead, Katrin wants to drive the Business Catapult to new heights, systematically improve our broader membership enrichment programs with a particularly focus on accelerating the C-suite programs. And also improve the network’s European footprint and regional engagement. In addition to all her board and committee meetings, Katrin dedicates at least a day/month to the global network. A global board member since early 2021, Katrin has attended all but one board meetings, numerous committee meetings and individual program sessions, complying fully with the requirements for a serving trustee. The board RECOMMENDS Katrin for re-election.


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York Huang is Chinese and lives in Shanghai. He is 45+ and a business leader and investor. He was with P&G for 7 years, leaving in 1999. He has been a trustee of the global network board since 2007. York founded the P&G China alumni chapter in 2001 and still today serves as the chairman. With more than 3500 members and 20+ annual events, a development training programme and an alumni investment fund, the China chapter is the world’s leading alumni chapter thanks to York’s leadership. An architect of the China sharing sessions at every global conference, York is an incumbent candidate. He has in the past year attended 2 board meetings, several committee meetings and other sessions, time differences playing a role. Looking ahead, York’s board focus is on continuing to drive the outstanding China chapter but also to actively drive the engagement in and out of China as well as directly share best practices with other aspiring and ambitious chapters. The board RECOMMENDS York for re-election.


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Anthony Rose is a Singaporean national of Anglo-Indian descent. Anthony lives in Singapore, is 45+ and a business entrepreneur. He was with P&G for 13 years; he left in 2010. Before founding his own talent and training corporation he also served as an executive with Walmart. Anthony is the Network’s ambassador for Asia and was previously the leader of a Singapore-based chapter. He also serves as one of the network’s directors on the Foundation board. He is currently actively engaged in driving network impact across APAC, focusing on India, Singapore, Philippines, Japan and beyond. Anthony is an incumbent candidate. Since joining the board early 2021, Anthony has participated in every board meeting bar one, numerous committee meetings and a plethora of individual project sessions. He was also a judge for the Under 40 awards. Anthony pledges 2 days/month on the network. Anthony fully complies with the requirements for a serving trustee. The board RECOMMENDS Anthony for re-election.


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Gina Lam is American and based between Miami & NYC. She is 45+ and a creative strategist, cultural producer and board professional [Dartmouth, IE, MONK3YS]. Gina was with P&G for 24 years, divesting in 2016 to COTY. Gina is an active alumna: participating in multiple global alumni conferences, regional and local events. She serves on the South Florida chapter board, orchestrating also the ‘LatinX in America’ events. With Asian, Indigenous and Latina background, Gina has led acquisition integration in NA, LATAM and Europe across her NBD & Prestige leadership roles. If elected, Gina would focus on innovative P&G collaborations while helping new alumni successfully land beyond the P&G bubble, PVP & EMOT intact. Gina has pledged to spend several hours/week on the alumni network.


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LaShawn James is an American living in California. He is a 35+ business entrepreneur who worked for P&G from 2000 to 2003. LaShawn is an active participant in multiple chapter events but has as yet not been involved in leading network activity. Enjoying a successful business career across several Fortune 100 companies, LaShawn also advises non-profits through his team lead role on the Stanford Graduate School of Business alumni consulting team. If elected, LaShawn would focus on activating and impacting geographically and otherwise diverse entrepreneurs by bringing the best of the alumni network skills and knowledge together. LaShawn pledges to invest 2 days/month in the network.


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