P&G Alumni Philanthropy


Consistent with a core philosophy of Helping the Communities in Which We Live, and practiced by Procter & Gamble and its employees around the world, Philanthropy has been a central part of the Alumni Network’s Mission since the organization’s founding over ten years ago. During that time the Network has raised and donated over $700,000 to charities around the world, organizations that promote “Economic Empowerment “ in which our members are directly involved.


The Board of Directors of the P&G Alumni Network authorized the formation of a separate legal entity, the P&G Alumni Foundation, Inc. to distribute the philanthropic funds generated by the Alumni Network. The Foundation was incorporated in 2011, and the United States Internal Revenue Service recognizes us as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, meaning that contributions are tax deductible to the donors within US tax code regulations. As we continue to grow, the Foundation will consider similar filings in other countries where a tax benefit can be garnered for our members.


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