Your company can become an annual sponsor of the P&G Alumni Global Network.   Sponsorships are great opportunities to:

  • Reach key executives who are former P&G'ers leading global companies from around the world
  • Reach retired P&G'ers who are enjoying and reaping the benefits of life after P&G
  • Help support the Global Network continue to grow and be a successul organization

The P&G Alumni Network is a non-profit organization.  It is led by a group of volunteers who are former P&G'ers.  All funds are used to cover the costs of running the network (such as website, communications, professional fees, etc). Your support will help your company to reach out the network while helping the network to continue growing.


Potential sponsors should contact Mike Halloran, mhalloran@zoomtown.com, with questions and/or to get more sponsorship information.