Small Business Symposium & Life After P&G Expo


Small Business Symposium & Life After P&G Showcase (NEW!)

Friday, October 13, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (Crossroads, Oakley Campus)


Event targeted to alumni who are small business owners and/or considering starting a small business

  • 7:30-8:30 am Checkin/Registration/Networking
  • 8:30-8:45 am Welcome Scott Weiss CEO Unpolished/Ocean Accelerator
  • 8:45-9:30 am  Keynote Bonin Bough - "How Small Businesses Need to Think Like Big Businesses"
  • 9:30-12:30 pm Breakout Sessions (5 breakouts every 45 minutes)
  • 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm Lunch - Food Trucks & Boxed Lunches
  • 1:00-3:00 pm Life After P&G Expo (open to general public where P&G small businesses can promote their business)
  • 3:00-4:30 pm Networking Happy Hour at Madtree Brewery
  • Cost: $149





Bonin Bough is one of the foremost-awarded marketing executives in his field, the producer and host of The Cleveland Hustles, and the author of TXT Me (646) 759-1837. Throughout his illustrious career as one of the youngest C-suite executives in a Fortune 50 company, Bonin has spearheaded some of the industry’s largest global marketing campaigns across digital, mobile, television, print, and experiential, including the premier of the first ever 3D printed food product, the customizable, real-time 3D printed Oreo at SXSW.



Bonin’s prominence as a transformative activator has helped reinvigorate traditional marketing by combining innovative tech via breakthrough brand campaigns including Oreo, Honey Maid, Pepsi, Gatorade, and countless other billion dollar brands. He is seen as one of the top mobile marketers in the world, having been named “Mobile Marketer of the Year” by the MMA. In 2013, he was inducted into the American Advertising Federation’s Advertising Hall of Achievement and has been listed in Fortune Magazine’s “40 under 40”, Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business”, The Adweek 50 and PRWeek Power List.




Small Business Symposium
Breakout Topics


  1. What's the Plan?  Learn How to Develop a Solid Business Plan for Success. – The business plan is the #1 step in starting a business.  Small businesses have a pretty low success rate. Business owners don't plan to fail, but many fail to plan effectively.  Learn some of the best business plan models and get a good (free) template.
  2. Focus on the Numbers That Count - And Only Those Numbers – Building a System for Defining, Collecting, and Sharing Impact and Results.   This session provides strategies for identifying those Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that matter in your business and tips to weed out those that only get in the way. Learn how to identify what information to matters, the frequency and with whom in order to message the impact and health of your business.
  3. Free Small Business Resources (In your back yard) – Discover the free small business resource partners in Cincinnati…and their services are free
  4. What's In It For Me? – Learn how to inspire employees to continuously improve their performance. Learn how to energize your workforce by creating a strong culture of shared purpose and core values.
  5. Finding Customers – Learn how to identify your target consumer, identify their key needs and reach them with a limited budget. This session will show you how by putting the customer first, you can grow your business.
  6. How are Your Sales Skills as a Business Owner? Every small business owner is the key sales person. Learn the key skills you need to master for success.
  7. Marketing, Sales, and the CRM – The difference between Marketing and Sales and the Absolute need to live in your CRM
  8. Networking 101 – Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool – Building a network has three parts:  Clients, Prospects, and Referral Partners.  Learn how to excel in all 3! Tips on how to prepare for a networking event, learn how to be strategic during the event, and how to manage the details of following up and tracking results.
  9. The “Must Have” Biz Support Team – The support team that every business needs, a Banker, a CPA, an Attorney, and a coach/mentor and how to find them.
  10. Navigating the Confusing World of Social Media Marketing … and How to Judge What Works for Your Business. – Social Media is a part of a business marketing plan.  Learn how to choose between Facebook ads, Google ads, Search Engine Optimization, etc.; how to sell via online stores such as Amazon, Google Marketplace, or other online stores.  Learn how to use the online tools to measure results and returns.
  11. Digital Marketing – Over 50% of consumers are exposed to digital marketing that drives their purchase decisions.  Social media, search marketing, online advertising, email marketing, and many other tools can be used by a small business.  Get a crash course on digital marketing to help you understand this new changing landscape.
  12. Effective Local Marketing – the world of marketing small businesses has changed rapidly over the past 5-10 years.  Understand 10 local marketing ideas to grow your business.
  13. Market Research 101 – Is there a market for your business idea?  Learn about good (free) tools to find out the answer
  14. LinkedIn 101 – LinkedIn is the Facebook for Business.  How to use it to build your network and your business
  15. 10 Things I Wished Someone Had Told Me Before I Started My Own Business – Learn from a former 20 year veteran executive in the corporate world and how he transitioned into small business. Understand issues and topics they a.) don't teach you in business school or b.) in corporate America.  This session will give you some practical tips on what to do (and not do) as you prepare to create your own start-up business.
  16. Entrepreneurship 101 - Doing More With Less – This session reveals the four traits that helped entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, Ray Kroc and others go from garages and dime stores to household names. Find out why when it comes to money, too much is often worse than not enough - and how to use that to your advantage.
  17. So You Want to Start a Non-Profit: 10 Things to Get You Started – Maybe you have successfully started - even expanded - your business (or not) and you feel you want to contribute your experience, passion and talent to make this a better world. This session will introduce you to 10 things about non-profits, how they are the same yet different from a business, how a hybrid (B-Corp, social entrepreneurship) works.
  18. Lessons in Social Entrepreneurship – Running, working or volunteering at a non-profit has both similarities and differences from a for-profit business.  Hear from 3 people involved in Social Entrepreneurship and the lessons they’ve learned.
  19. Becoming a Preferred Supplier – The Often Overlooked Path to Growing a Successful B2B business. –Many small B2B businesses, especially minority, women and veteran owned businesses, can achieve remarkable growth in preferred supplier relationships with bigger businesses.  Learn the secrets here!
  20. Growing the Value of Your Business … It Takes More Than Profit. – Leveraging the equity value in your business is key for growth and for exiting with success. Find out the drivers of business beyond just the profitability.