2014 Grant Recipients

The P&G Alumni Foundation is pleased to announce the 2014 winners of its monetary grants.  Seven organizations will receive grants for the 2015 year ranging from $5,000 - $14,000 per grant.  These grants further our philanthropic vision to make a significantly greater impact in the communities in which we live and work by advancing economic empowerment.  All awarded non-profits have strong support from P&G alumni actively involved in the charity and demonstrate an ability to achieve a multiplier effect which can leverage the Foundation grants even further. Our shared P&G experience where most alumni began their careers and established a solid base for economic empowerment helped led us to the mission of empowering others less fortunate. 


The Grant’s Committee received 82 letters of intent/applications for review in 2014. The requests for funding from all applicants exceeded $1 Million.  This year’s grants of nearly $70,000 would bring the total amount made since the beginning of our philanthropy efforts in 2004 to nearly $800,000 and well over $1 Million including the chapter efforts.  We are proud of the grants we have been able to make, and the many lives improved via our P&G alumni. The applications that did not get funded were also very worthy, and re-enforce the need around the world for this kind of support.  The P&G Alumni Network is committed to raise additional monies to grant to P&G alumni-supported charities focused on economic empowerment around the world.  For the 2014 monies (awarded for spending in 2015) the P&G Alumni Foundation Grants Committee felt it could most effectively utilize the funds available by making grants to the following organizations and programs:



Zimkids – Zimbabwe ($10,000)

Make a Difference – Tanzania ($10,000)

Equality & Opportunity Foundation – Bangladesh ($10,000)

Fabretto Children’s Foundation -- Nicaragua ($14,000)

Loden Foundation – Bhutan ($10,000)

Asian Community Alliance – Cincinnati ($10,000)

Adelante Foundation – Honduras ($5,000)



Zimkids ( www.zimkidsorphantrust.org ) is focused on innovative and cost-effective programs to support children in sub-Saharan Africa orphaned by the AIDS epidemic, and to help them build viable futures.  The goal is not only to provide a safety net for some of the neediest orphans in Africa, but to train them in skills and entrepreneurship so they will be able to build better futures for themselves and their community. Since its founding, Zimkids has strived to fulfill its commitment to operate with and instill in the children a sense of self-sufficiency and independence through entrepreneurship. They have created and operated several small business projects, including a market garden, a small egg and poultry business, sewing center, community computer training center and internet café. All are designed to simultaneously generate income for its activities, train the older youth in basic business skills, and provide them with solid, supervised experience. Zimkids operates with very low overheads, channeling 90% of donations into direct services and working through a fiscal sponsor, Seeds of Africa Foundation, which charges no fee. They have trained youth ages 15+ not only to lead the younger children, but in skills necessary to create their own small businesses. Zimkids is able to leverage the P&G Alumni grant to secure additional funds  from the Independent Pilots Association and EcoNet for a solar array to help power the TechCenter and Sewing projects and for free internet service.  With a 2014 grant from P&G Alumni Foundation, Zimkids will help fund a pre-school building and program, which like all of the Zimkids projects, will also generate revenues for the Center and support the expansion of vocational training programs for young adults.  Zimkids young adults will learn additional skills including welding, building, teaching and small business management.


Make a Difference - MAD ( www.MakeaDifferenceNow.org ) supports children in Tanzania and India financially and developmentally through the completion of their college education. MAD sends children to the best schools in the regions they come from, provides private tutoring, and ensures weekly individualized counseling sessions to children as well as their living relatives in the villages.  MAD also facilitates the progress of libraries, technology centers and playgrounds at schools their children attend in order to support their progress and provide benefits to other children and their communities. MAD mandates local involvement and support before embarking on development projects or payment of school fees.  Matching funds are lined up in advance with both private donors and local institutions.  In 2012 and 2013, MAD was awarded a top non-profit through Great Nonprofits. Grant  funds were used to upgrade the computers and complete the expansion of the library/resource center.  500 students use the facility and 50,000+ people in the surrounding villages have access to the center. The center is open to the public during the weekends for business education and the public is able to use the center for a nominal fee in order to encourage care of the center. The center is also used for leadership and professional skills training, offering computer classes and open lab hours with teachers available to provide computer classes, monthly workshops and help youth with homework. MAD is poised to secure additional matching funds from a 2014 P&G Alumni Foundation grant, to install a satellite dish and modem, wireless router and internet connection, internet service, reference materials, as well as additional bookshelves, scanners and furniture for the library and tech center. 


Equality & Opportunity (E&O) Foundation (http://www.equalityandopportunity.org/) is a California-based non-profit founded in 2010 using a novel approach to break the poverty cycle of families in need in India and South Asia. The basic concept is to identify poor mothers with good aptitude, giving them basic business training and offering them an affordable mixed-use dwelling – home and work place. E&O teamed with an award-winning architect and expert builders to create ultra-low cost, module mixed-use buildings. The mixed-use dwelling comes with a 1-3 year short term financing loan costing as little as $1,000. Houses are incrementally built and are designed to accommodate home-based work that can self-finance the house and the family’s living costs.  E&O did extensive market research in six Asian countries, tested the modular houses, enrolled financial and local technical partners, and recently started deploying houses in India and Bangladesh. A “seed money” grant financed the set-up of home/work units for poor moms in North India and helped prepare for a roll-out, with 120 mixed-use houses envisioned in Bangladesh and India within a 12-18 month period.  Housing was integrated with education and business skills training.  By providing young mothers with a safe, sustainable place to work and live, as well as the skills and supplies needed to run a home-based commercial enterprise, E&O is confident they can increase these families’ disposable income, build lifelong assets, improve their health, and affect generations.  Moms now have kiosks selling “Daily Essentials” and they are provided with “starter kits” of P&G Health & Hygiene, Gillette India and P&G Home products. The 2014 grant will continue to seed funds for testing a refined version of the initiative. Dubbed “Mompreneurs”, this initiative aims to expand the focus from simply kiosks to training and equipping the young mothers to run other types of businesses needed by their communities. According to E&O, the P&G Alumni Foundation grant significantly increases the profile of their initiative and helps E&O secure multi-year pledges from individuals, family foundations, and other institutions. 


Fabretto Children’s Foundation ( https://www.fabretto.org  ) mission is to empower children and their families in Nicaragua to reach their full potential and improve their livelihoods.  Fabretto’s rural secondary education program emphasizes “learning by earning.”  Through the development of income-generating ventures, students have the opportunity to develop a business plan, learn practical skills and generate income for their families.  One of the ways Fabretto engages beneficiaries in creating their own solutions is Sistema Aprendizaje Tutorial (SAT), with a goal of developing self-sufficiency and leadership.  The SAT curriculum integrates traditional course study with hands-on projects including work in sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship, health outreach, and small business management.  In 2013, SAT student ventures for 115 students included starting a bakery, selling clothing, and growing crops such as beans, coffee and chia.  A Tinker Foundation and Univ of Pennsylvania study examined the impact of SAT, finding that 100% of SAT graduates were employed, pursing higher education, or implementing improved agricultural techniques.  Last year, the program was nominated as a finalist for the 2013 World Innovation Summit for Education Award, an award that recognizes innovation in international education.  Today the SAT effort has expanded to 58 communities reaching nearly 700 youth in 2015.  Grant funds are used to: (i) provide SAT students with practical agricultural training at the farm; and (ii) generate income from the sale of farm production to offset SAT and farm expenses. A 2014 grant will be used to further enhance and expand the successful SAT programs to new rural areas, funding additional learning and project materials for 184 students ages 15-22 from impoverished, subsistence farming families, as well as additional training for 10 SAT teachers.


Loden Foundation ( http://www.loden.org ) mission is to foster an enlightened and happy society in Bhutan through the promotion of education, learning, and entrepreneurship.  The Loden Foundation runs programs to provide educational and entrepreneurial opportunities.  One of the programs run by the Foundation is the Loden Entrepreneurship Program, launched in 2007, which aims to curb unemployment and rural-urban migration by promoting an ethical, entrepreneurial culture in the country and contribute towards building a self-sufficient economy.  Through this program, Loden provides men and women ages 20-40 education on entrepreneurship, collateral, and interest-free financial incentives to support innovative social enterprises, as well as monitoring and mentoring services.  Thus far, Loden has trained over 1000 people and funded 63 entrepreneurial ventures. A 2014 P&G Alumni Foundation grant will help them expand their program.  The grant will fund two main efforts within the Entrepreneurship program: (i) workshops and training to over 150 people each in two different cities; and (ii) an entrepreneurial venture fund, located outside urban areas and carried out by a marginalized entrepreneur and having significant social impact.  Loden will provide these funds in the form of a collateral- and interest-free loan recovered in three years to be recycled for another deserving entrepreneurial venture.


Asian Community Alliance (ACA) (http://www.acacinci.org/) mission is to provide quality, compassionate, and culturally sensitive services for Asian populations in Greater Cincinnati through advocacy, collaboration, and awareness.  ACA was first conceived in 2000 to help close the gap between social services/programs that exist and the Asian populations that need them.  In 2004 the organization was established as a 501(c) (3) and has since served in a leadership capacity for all Asian communities.  Key ACA programs to date have impacted 5,600 Asian Americans including computer skill building classes, family/mentoring/sponsoring programs, after-school tutoring, youth leadership training programs and more.  Through ACA’s recent work with the Bhutanese Community of Cincinnati, they learned that re-settlement of low income immigrants is a great challenge due to their lack of skills, poor language skills, and the frustration of not being able to attain a steady job for their survival.  A P&G Alumni Foundation grant in 2014 will be used to provide essential skills training and workshops as part of ACA’s Digital Literacy Project.  Funds will be used to train a minimum of 150 new immigrants/refugees over a 12-month period – including investments in a computer lab, taped lectures, additional instruction books, additional teaching materials, wi-fi and more.  ACA will expand their computer skills training, group workshops, tutoring, cultural awareness, youth leadership and family harmony programs. 


Adelante Foundation ( http://www.adelantefoundation.org/) mission is to improve the standard of living of  poor women and their families living in rural Honduras primarily through microfinance and education.  With limited access to training and capital resources needed for business development. Adelante offers solidarity group loans to women in poor rural areas to help break down barriers to profitable self-employment, and break the cycle of poverty many families face. Solidarity Group Loans are awarded to women in combination with Adelante staff focused on educating and coaching the loan recipients regarding the creation of their own businesses.  These women are able to earn a living locally, offering better care for their children and ultimately becoming meaningful contributors to their rural communities.  Established in 1999, Adelante works across 9 Honduran departments (similar to states/provinces) and serves over 6,000 clients.  In addition to the small loans, Adelante provides basic business education and coaching to their loan recipients including everything from how to use a calculator, to public speaking, basic business administration, and more.  A small grant from the P&G Alumni Foundation will help the Adelante team expand the staff’s ability to provide even more effective training to loan recipients.  Training will be provided to equip staff with increased capacity to analyze clients’ financial needs, increase loan performance and manage loan collections appropriately.  Additional training will be provided in the areas of: (i) running productive meetings; (ii) emotional intelligence; (iii) values, attitudes and job satisfaction; (iv) effective communication for Sales and Collection; (v) credit analysis; and (vi) effective collection management.  The training will help Adelante expand into new communities.