Board of Directors

Ed Tazzia

Ed Tazzia, Chairman


Ed graduated from Michigan State University in 1973 with a BA in Advertising. He joined Procter in 1973 in BS&HCP.  He says he took the interview in Cincinnati because he'd never been on a plane before.  Ed started on the B-88 brand (Coast) and was part of the team that introduced it into test market. He did his sales training in Boston and later worked on Ivory, Top Job, Vibrant Bleach and division new products. Ed left P&G in 1983 to join the North American Soccer League as the Vice President of Marketing.  He returned to brand management with Vlasic Foods (Campbell's Soup Company)becoming the Vice President of Marketing.  In 1991 Ed joined Silo Super Stores, the US subsidiary of The Dixon's Stores Group, LTD.  In 1993 he joined IBM. Ed became a Managing Director of Gundersen Partners, a consulting and executive search firm, in 1997 and was named Managing Partner in 2003. In 2009 Ed joined Sycamore and Company, a global management consulting and executive search firm.


Eric Vanderschueren

Eric Vanderschueren  P&G Alumni Network Treasurer since. 


Eric is a native of Paris who worked at Procter and Gamble in various financial management and leadership roles for 32 years.  

He joined P&G in 1983 as a financial analyst in France after two years as an officer in the French Navy. After serving in a variety of roles around the world including Vice President, Finance, Home Care, and then Baby Care, he retired in 2015 as Vice President, Strategic Revenue Management Leader at the General Offices in Cincinnati. He currently resides in Cincinnati from where he conducts his consulting business. He also serves on the Board of the P&G Alumni Foundation and as a member of the Impact Cabinet of the United Way of Greater Cincinnati. 

EDUCATION:ESSEC (Paris, France),  MBA Finance & Accounting,1981 

PROCTER & GAMBLE:  May 1983 – Sept 2015



Betty Estrada

 Betty Estrada - Vice Chairman

Betty Estrada retired from P&G’s Human Resources function in 2009 after 31 years of service, including local and regional Latin America assignments in Mexico, Venezuela and Costa Rica.  She currently lives in Mexico City, where she is a Director of ESLO Consultores and a Senior Consultant and Executive Coach with Human Leaders Group. She has been an active member of the Mexico P&G Alumni Board since October, 2012.


Raman Sehgal

Raman Sehgal - Secretary

Raman Sehgal is a seasoned technology and marketing professional, having worked across large global brands and fast-growing startups. Raman currently heads up Marketing at RevTrax, a leading incentive technology and insights platform.

Raman began his career in at P&G, leading digital on billion-dollar brands like Pantene, Herbal Essences, Tide, and Ariel — in the US, Europe, and Asia, while also working on key digital partnerships with Google, Facebook, Accenture, and Nielsen. Raman later joined Dannon to help establish an integrated media and digital practice in the US and Europe. After more than a decade at global multinationals, Raman made his jump into startups, as an early leader at Ahalogy, a Pinterest and content technology solution, where he led marketing and client strategy.

Raman received his Bachelors in Electrical & Computer Engineering, a German language minor, and an MBA. Raman is privileged to sit on a select number of nonprofit and startup boards, including the P&G Alumni Network,, SummitSync, and An avid traveler, Raman has been to 7 continents, 50 US states, and his country count (currently 48), must always exceed his age. He also digs photography, comic books and rock music. Raman lives in New York with his wife and daughter.


 Jesper Wiegandt

 Jesper Wiegandt - Revenue Committee Chair


Jesper is one of the world’s leading experts in shopper and in-store marketing and runs his own Geneva-based training and consultancy company, Ideas in Store, specializing in strategy, marketing, shopper marketing and organizational diversity. 

He is a Board director / chairman of several European leisure companies and has held board roles with various service businesses across Europe. He was appointed President of the Geneva chapter of P&G Alumni Network in 2016.

He was with P&G from 1990 to 2012, working in marketing and commercial functions, in Europe and globally, most recently out of Geneva. Haircare, healthcare, femcare, baby and global Tesco are all part of his experiences. He led Shopper, Customer & Channel Marketing across markets and retail customers. As marketing operations director, he led the company’s scale operations across Europe incl. P&G’s Olympic Games programs.

He was a member of the Western Europe leadteam, the marketing- and CBD lead teams and represented Europe on P&G's global marketing and commercial operations lead teams.

While in the UK, he co-authored the ground-breaking “"; a diversity workshop which won the UK government's "Opportunity Now"-award. Also a personal runner-up for the UK Government's Champions Award for promoting gender diversity in the workplace, he worked on many development projects with public bodies such as Business in the Community, the UK Home Office and institutions such as universities and the Police Force.

He holds an M.Sc. in business economics, educated at Copenhagen Business School and Northwestern University, Chicago.In a former life, Jesper captained the Danish junior national volleyball team and was a national champion in both athletics and volleyball. He represented Denmark at the Seoul Olympic Games.  He continues to coach and referee competitively.

He lives just outside Geneva with his partner, Gudrun. He has three children, Julie, Nicholas and Jonathan.


 Ingrid Zambrano

About 30 years working in P&G in PS Planning areas having worked in Venezuela, Chile, Israel, Panama and Costa Rica and I think that my experience and the interaction I have had with a variety of teams inside P&G can be valuable in the type of activities that the Board does.





Fuad Abdullah is based in Sierra Leone and is a former product supply and operations director at P&G.  He is the founder and owner of consulting business, HIFO Global LLC, as well as the owner of Seaside Suites and Hotel in Sierra Leone.   He has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Chemistry, a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from Howard University, a Masters of Business Administration degree from Albany State University and an alumnus of the Business Economics Program at Oxford University. Fuad is married to Isha Assie Abdullah, and has two children, Omar and Halim.




Ida Abdalkhani

Ida Abdakhani was an ABM in fabric care and then global Brand Manager for Secret Deodorants and Olay Body Care. After leaving P&G, she backpacked around the world, became a Laughter Yoga instructor and then launched her own consultancy, Ability to Engage. The consultancy has won multiple awards from its initiatives in marketing communications, innovation, brand strategies, and consumer segmentation.  Her global outlook and work in sconsumer and brand research have helped solidify her thoughts that we are all much more alike than we are different. It has also helped her cultivate an understanding of the benefit of new and different perspectives. While she enjoys creating goals and making things happen, she has never lost sight of the journey. She strives to be inclusive and ensure we are all better for our interactions together- an outlook she will bring to the Board.


Deepak Gupta

1977-2007 -- P&G; 30 years in India, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan and China in market, regional and global PS GBU and MDO roles. 2007-To date -- Guptas Group Limited startup focused on IT, IoT, Corporate Consultancy and Restaurants. 2010-2014 -- COTY; Head of Supply Chain Asia Pacific (as contractor). 



Laura Tapia

Worked for P&G during 25 years in different local and regional roles, in Mexico City and Venezuela, in IT and Brand Organizations. Experience on leading global teams remotely on capability building strategies. Strong and broad network of P&G alumni that are on their 40's. Currently Chair of the Procter & Gamble and P&G are trade names of The Procter & Gamble Company and are used pursuant to an agreement with The Procter & Gamble Company. P&G Alumni Network is an independent organization apart from The Procter & Gamble Company.